Water Conservation

As the world discovers how important it is to have clean water for people to drink, water conservation is becoming as important as water purification. Following the goals of water conservation, there are many different things for businesses as well as average consumers to do to contribute to the water conservation efforts, including water efficiency.

Goals of Water Conservation

Like all types of conservation, water conservation has a set of goals that are behind the entire concept. These goals identify the main purposes and what the water conservation hopes to accomplish in the long term. These goals include sustainability, energy conservation, and habitat conservation.

Water Efficiency

Water conservation and water efficiency are two different things with very similar goals. While both concepts focus on the use of less water, the key of water efficiency is to concentrate on making less wastewater. While that is just one facet of water conservation, there are several things to do that can help with water efficiency and water conservation by making less wastewater.

Social Solutions

There are several ways that a society can practice water conservation as a whole group. The goal of water conservation in a social setting is to help the efforts towards water conservation on a local level, usually run by regional governments or municipal water utilities. Some of the things that are encouraged with social solutions to water conservation are:

Technological Conservation Efforts

On the individual front for water conservation, there are several ways that a person can make a personal effort. There are many technological choices when looking at water conservation methods, and many of them can be time and energy saving for a homeowner. Some of these technical conservation efforts include:

While there is no perfect answer yet for water conservation, there are several things that people as a society and individuals can do on their own to help. From simple habit changes to purchasing items that help in the conservation process, people can dedicate themselves to the three goals of water conservation, and make sure that there is fresh, clean water for generations to come.