Drinking Water Contamination

Drinking water contamination is a growing problem worldwide and dwindling freshwater resources are under increasing pressure due to pollution and population growth. In fact, the leading cause of epidemic disease in developing countries comes from drinking impure, contaminated water.

But water contamination problems are not solely the concern of non-industrialized nations. For people that live in progressive, industrialized nations, access to clean drinking water is something often taken for granted. Agricultural runoff, careless use of chemicals, the growth of cities in desert climates, and more all add up to intense pressure on a precious commodity that each of us needs on a daily basis.

Here is a concise listing of types of drinking water contamination, how the contaminants get into water, and what you can do to filter these out of the water that you need for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.



Industrial Pollutants


As more and more of us become aware of what our drinking water really contains, we are increasingly interested in what we can do to protect ourselves and our families. The solution for most homes is a series of different types of water filters that are each designed to effectively reduce a specific kind of pollutant.

Please remember that no matter what system or systems that you choose for your home, the only way for your filter(s) to remain effective over time is by timely maintenance and replacement of filter media. Consult your owner�s manual regularly for specific information on how to keep your water filter performing properly and protecting your family.