How To Choose The Right Water Filtration System For You

Whether you�ve decided to get a water filter because of the taste of your water or because of the harmful chemicals, you probably are wondering what kind of filter would be best for your needs. Anyone buying a water filter should take into consideration several aspects of the water filtering process. Do you want a point of origin system, which includes showerhead filters and faucet filters, or a whole home system, which will alow filtered water will come out of every faucet and tap in your home? Are you getting it because you just don�t like the taste or smell of your water or are you getting one because you want softer skin? Your reasons will be major factors when you are getting a water filter.

Why You Should Choose a Filter

Choosing a filter is becoming an easier decision as science shows us how the toxins in water, even in water that has been approved by EPA standards, are harming our bodies, inside and out. Chlorine, lead, and up to 2,100 other toxins can make it into our water after it leaves water treatment, and all those things can make us sick, look less healthy, and even make our bodies more susceptible to harmful diseases like cancers and gastrointestinal disease.

People with failing immune systems, like people who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatments, are even more susceptible to the diseases that can be caused by contaminated water. These people, as well as babies and growing children, are more liable to get a disease from drinking water that is contaminated. They also have a harder time healing from these diseases, and avoiding them by drinking filtered water is easier than trying to heal from them later.

Point of Origin Filters

A point of origin filter is a water filter that is only on one faucet or source of water. This includes things such as showerhead filters and sink faucet filters. These filters cleanse the water right before it comes out of the tap and remove the impurities in the water that damage your skin, your hair, your fingernails, and can also make you sick after prolonged exposure. If you are looking at a point of origin filter, you should consider:

Whole House Filter Systems

When you want to do more than just make yourself look better or make your water taste better, you should consider a whole house filter system. A whole house system is connected directly to your plumbing and all water used in your home, be it in the shower, the kitchen sink, or in the washing machine. It is all filtered before it is run through your pipes. This is a good choice for people who are concerned with all aspects of healthy water.

A whole house filter system can help for several reasons. Many of these reasons are:

When making the decision to put a water filter in your house, the biggest choice is going to be whether to get a point of origin filter or a whole house filter system. Decide what your main use is going to be and from there, decide if a whole house filter is easier for you to maintain than a point of origin filter. Knowing your needs will help you decide which system is better for you and ensure you�ll be happy with your decision.