Counter Top Filters

If you are looking for a temporary water filtration system that can be easily moved from your vacation home to your camper or if you just need a high-quality filter for your home that’s easy to install and is cost-effective, a counter top filter may be right up your alley. carries only the best quality counter top filters at prices you can afford so you can use your hard-earned money for more important things; like vacations. These easily movable water filters are easily installed by attaching the diverter valve and hose directly to the facet of your sink. It’s as simple as that. is adamant about bringing you the highest-quality in water filtration systems. Counter top filters may be small and portable, but they are big on effectiveness. Most counter top filters are capable of removing chlorine and chlorine by-products, lead, VOCs and other contaminants from your drinking water while leaving the nutrients and minerals your body needs such as calcium and potassium. A good quality counter top filter is capable of removing even the smallest harmful chemicals that are known as cysts, which can turn parasitic once inside your body.

If you have well water in your home you may think you do not need a high-quality water filter. Think again. If you’ve ever noticed the foul odor and bad taste associated with well water you certainly wondered where it came from. Sulfur and algae by-products, which can grow on the surface of water supplies, are not believed to be harmful to anything except your sense of smell and taste; but isn’t that enough. The counter top filters from are capable of filtering out these by-products leaving your water clean, clear and refreshing.

If you can think of no better reason to invest in a water filtering system, think of the health of you and your family. It is well documented that city water supply standards are sub par and can be devastating to the weaker immune systems of children, the elderly and people with illness. Bottled water is no better, either. Most bottled water is only required to meet tap water standards as long as it is distributed within the state of its origin. And at the price per bottle, you will save tons of money in the long run when you use a quality counter top filter from