Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

No matter what types of water filtering equipment you have in your home, you will occasionally have to purchase replacement water filter cartridges. These replacement cartridges help to protect you and your family from chemicals, pathogens, and other impurities present in drinking water everywhere. Over time, the filtering media in water filters become clogged or gradually lose their capacity to absorb impurities which puts you and your family at increased risk for exposure. Spent and clogged replacement cartridges also add extra wear and tear to the water filtering hardware and reduce their ability to perform. Replacement water filter cartridges are available for all sorts of water filtering methods including:

As you can see, virtually every type of water filter, from the simple to the elaborate, will need a replacement cartridge at some point to remain effective.


The costs of replacement water filter cartridges vary significantly depending on your type of water filter. Pitcher and faucet mounted filters tend to be the least expensive ranging from $10 to $40 while more sophisticated whole house system replacement cartridges run $100 and up. One aspect that is usually overlooked when people buy water filters is the cost of replacement cartridges. In fact, some manufacturers market their filters below cost to boost sales and recoup their expenses by charging high prices for the replacement cartridges.

Almost all water filter systems are proprietary which means that once you have bought a particular system from a manufacturer, you must buy their replacement cartridges. Before you buy a water filter of any kind, check into what it will cost you over time to buy replacement cartridges. A little time spent conducting your own research could save you a lot of money down the road.


Whether you choose a simple water filter for one faucet in your home or a whole house system, it�s a good idea to keep a maintenance log so that you can easily track when you should install a new replacement water filter cartridge. These cartridges are the best way to keep your water filter working properly and filtering out the contaminants that compromise our drinking water. Plus, you and your family will enjoy the health benefits of cleaner water for only pennies a day.