Shower Filters

Shower filters are becoming increasingly popular in homes as more and more people discover the benefits of having them installed. Chlorine and other chemicals added to drinking water as disinfectants become airborne in steamy showers and lead to respiratory ailments and an increased risk of cancer. Depending on the manufacturer, shower filters generally filter water via two different filtering media:

Health Benefits of Shower Filters

When we shower, our bodies absorb a significantly higher percentage of chlorine through our skin and our lungs. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency stated in a report that as impurities are vaporized and become airborne, our bodies take in three to five times as many pollutants from showering than from drinking. Shower filters remove chlorine and other contaminants before they become vaporized and can be absorbed by our skin and respiratory tract. Removing these impurities reduces our risk of asthma, cancer, and other serious health dangers.

Cosmetic Benefits of Shower Filters

The cosmetic benefits of shower filters are an ancillary, but nevertheless important factor when considering having a shower filter installed in your home. Chlorine bonds to our skin and hair and disrupts the natural balance which results in dry, itchy, flaky skin and premature aging. If you�ve ever gone swimming in a heavily chlorinated public pool, you may have noticed afterwards that your skin and hair have lost their natural moisture. This is exactly what is happening when we shower in unfiltered water. Plus, our risk of exposure is greater because we shower a great deal more frequently.


Shower filters are a simple and affordable solution to protect you and your family when they are at increased risk for exposure from the harmful chemicals present in our water. The replaceable filter cartridges are inexpensive and will protect a family of four for 9-12 months or approximately 15-20,000 gallons of usage. Shower filters are very easy to install yourself in just a few minutes and the health and cosmetic benefits make it easy to see why more and more of us are choosing them as part of our water filtration needs.