Under Counter Filter Kits

Under counter kits from WaterFiltering.com are cost-efficient ways to provide your family with clean, refreshing drinking water without the eye-sore of the counter-top filter. Under counter kits are easily installed through the spray nozzle access or a separate access hole of its own. Under water kits come with all the necessary fixtures and hoses to route water to the filter and through the kit faucet you give you fresh drinking water at the touch of a button.

WaterFiltering.com are suppliers of all your water filter needs to help ensure your family’s water supply is free of the harmful chemicals in tap water that can lead to many health issues down the line. Cities use chlorine when they “purify” the municipal water supply. The chlorine is used to kill harmful bacteria that can cause infections and disease if they are ingested. The chlorine, however, along with other added chemicals, such as fluoride and Atrazine, can lead to health problems of their own when consumed over a period of time.

Using a water filter, whether it’s an under counter kit or a whole house filter will help remove chlorine and over 100 other harmful chemicals; making your drinking water as pure as possible. This is better for your health and the health of your family. Unfiltered tap water can be especially harmful to the elderly, ill and small children. Once your under counter kit is installed you can use the water for drinking and cooking; when unfiltered water is heated the chorine becomes chloroform gas. When chloroform gas is inhaled, it can cause lung problems such as asthma an respiratory diseases. Make the choice today to install an under counter kit from WaterFiltering.com as the last line of defense against these harmful contaminants.

What about bottled water? This is a popular question among people thinking of purchasing under counter kits and other water filters. Although there is an initial cost to install your under counter kit water filter, maintaining the fresh, clean water it produces is far less costly. Depending on your family’s water use, a filter will normally last six to nine months. Over time, the under counter kit will pay for itself in the continuous purchasing of bottled water. Truth be known, most bottled water is no better for you than the unfiltered water from your tap. If water is distributed within the state of its origin, the water only has to meet the state’s tap water standards. What are you spending money on, then? Invest in an under counter kit for the benefit of your family’s health.