Whole House Water Filters

For people that are looking for a comprehensive solution to their water filtering needs, whole house water filters provide every faucet and shower with clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Whole house water filters are typically installed right where the water enters the home so that multiple water filters are not required. As the water enters the home from the source, it is passed through a series of different filtering methods to ensure that the whole house is protected from chemical and biological contaminants.

Every manufacturer builds their whole house water filters a bit differently but the most effective systems consist of different filters designed to remove specific water contaminants. These filters are:

This brief overview of the different stages of whole house water filters will give you a general idea of how these comprehensive filtering systems work. The rising popularity of water filters with consumers drives emerging technologies that increase the options and applications for people living all over the world. Whether you draw your water from a private well or municipal water system, a whole house water filter is the most cost-effective way to protect your family from chemicals and waterborne illnesses.