Benefits of Clean Water for Pets

Unless your pet is a fish, you may not be as concerned with what kind of fresh water they get as you are for yourself. While most people buy bottled water for themselves, they have been known to give their furry or scaled friends water right out of the tap, which can have all kinds of impurities still in it. When giving your pet water, keep a few things in mind such as what the impurities can do to them and how picky they are.

Fresh Water Is Best

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, and if you have these animals, you know that animals drink more water when it is fresh. Water loses oxygen as it sits out and does less for your pets whether they are drinking it or absorbing it through their skin like amphibians do. Many pets, like cats, are also very picky when it comes to the water they drink. If water has been sitting out too long or tastes bad, your pet may not be drinking as much water as they should. Always put out fresh, healthy, purified or filtered water for your pet several times of day, and make sure they are getting as much water as they need. And always allow them access to a water source.

What Impurities Can Do

Just like humans, animals can get cancer, which usually ends with them having to be put down. A way to avoid that risk is to make sure your pet is getting fresh, healthy water frequently. Impurities in water, such as chlorine or metals, can cause sickness or even cancer in pets that drink it frequently. There can also be bacteria and parasites in water that might not affect humans, but can certainly affect your pet, causing sickness, diarrhea, or even worse, malnutrition. To combat this, your pets should drink as pure of water as you would drink yourself.

Water-Reliant Pets

Water-reliant pets such as fish and amphibians are even more susceptible to water impurities than other pets because they rely on water for so much of their lives and worlds. They absorb water through their skin and have problems with ammonia and chlorine if it gets into their systems. If you keep fish or amphibious pets, always make sure to change their water frequently, and always change it with fresh, clean, purified or filtered water to keep them safe and healthy.

Your pets are members of your family, and there is no waste in giving them water that you would drink yourself. Give your pets fresh purified or filtered water frequently, and you can easily avoid any problems they might get from water that has sat for a while or water from the tap, which can carry harmful bacteria and impurities.