Healthy Water and You

Water has a major impact on everyone�s lives and the amount of water you take in directly impacts every part of your body as well as the performance of every system in your body. The most important part of drinking water is drinking healthy water so that our bodies can reap the benefits from the water we drink. Drinking healthy water is also important to the systems that use the most water in your body.


The digestive system uses a large amount of water. From preventing the over-absorption of sugars and harmful chemicals to promoting metabolism and regular bowel movements, water is a central part of the entire digestive system. Filtered water is needed to make sure this works correctly. Without fresh, clean water, the body may absorb more sugars and carbohydrates than anything else. It can also cause the body to fail to absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the foods we eat. In addition, water regulates the metabolism, and without healthy water, the metabolism can fail to work correctly.

Nervous System

Considering that the brain is mostly water, pure, healthy water is the key to total body health as well as avoiding problems. Many headaches, from tension to sinus headaches, can be alleviated or at least lessened to some degree by drinking more clean water. Being dehydrated can also affect your concentration, your ability to see small print, and your ability to comprehend anything you read. Thus, drinking pure water makes sense, especially at work.


The kidneys need water, especially water that is pure and fresh, to detoxify the body. Clean water helps the kidneys to rid the body of toxins and keep your endocrine system working well. Healthy water also reduces your risk of bladder infections, improving the immunity of your body. If water isn�t healthy, or already filled with chlorine and other chemicals, the water won�t be effective in cleaning the toxins out of our bodies.

Babies and Healthy Water

Until the age of six to twelve months, babies are not recommended to drink water as it can over hydrate their systems. But some women do not have the choice to breast-feed and have to rely on formula for their baby�s health and nutrition. Healthy water is critically important if mixing formula for a baby. Unhealthy water can lead to dangerous consequences with babies, such as mental retardation and even death. Obviously, healthy water is so important to the life of a baby if making formula and, just like every other aspect of life, is critical to good growth and health.

The importance of healthy water cannot be just measured in what it does for you in the short term. In the long run of your health, pure water will help with longevity and overall health, avoiding disease and making your body more resilient. Healthy water is also important to children, especially the young, and will ensure a healthy life for all involved.