How Much Water Is Enough?

To remain healthy, medical professionals suggest drinking a minimum amount of water in order to flush toxins from the system, remain hydrated and prevent illness. Of course, this particular minimum amount of water has been subject to change depending on health trends, and there are also questions as to what counts. Must it be pure water or can an additive such as Crystal Light still be considered in your daily count?

Eight A Day

The amount of water that someone should drink has been under contention for a while. Yet the basic standard of eight a day has always applied. Eight glasses of water a day is the minimum to keep a healthy lifestyle. It was under controversy whether those eight glasses a day were supposed to be six ounce servings or eight ounce servings.

When it comes to water consumption, the standard is now 8 eight ounce servings of water a day as a minimum. Of course, that is to be considered the minimum in regards to only wanting the minimum benefits. The minimum of 64 ounces of water should be increased in order to reap more benefits from the process, which includes healthier skin, hair, bones, and immune systems.

Alternatives to Water

While there is nothing as good as pure, clean water for your body, there are a few alternatives for getting in those 64+ ounces a day. Firstly, do not wait until you feel thirsty. This means your body is already dehydrated. The next option is to try a water additive such as Crystal Light, which does add some sugar and calories to the water, but leaves it with the qualities you are trying to preserve.

Another alternative to plain water is caffeine-free tea. Tea not only harbors great antioxidants but if caffeine-free, does not contribute to the dehydration of the body. When substituting a liquid for water, make sure that it is low in sugar, sodium, and calories, as well as being caffeine free, and it can be as beneficial as water.

You can also supplement your intake of water with the right selection of water-rich foods. Fruits are the initial choice, such as melons, berries, and watermelon. Choosing soups high in water content, such as tomato soup, are a good choice as well. This can help you cut down on the amount of water you need to drink to reach that healthy goal of 64+ ounces of water a day.

Drinking water is obviously good for you, and if you know how much you should be drinking, you can easily maintain your good health. By drinking 64+ ounces of water every day, either by drinking pure, cold water or getting it through some other alternative, you can be assured that you are gaining the benefits and building good habits for years to come.