The Importance of Water and Your Health

Water makes up two-thirds of a person�s body weight. It�s no surprise then that we need 8 eight ounce servings a day, or 64 ounces, to maintain the fluid level that we are used to. Pure, clean water is very important in maintaining your health and preventing problems in the future.

How Much of My Body Is Water?

While the vague amount is usually two-thirds of your body weight is water, there is a very practical breakdown of how much is in your body. Two thirds can be estimated from 60% to 75% depending on your weight, how much water you drink, and whether you live or work in a warm climate. Individually, this is how much water is in your body:

The most important parts of the body are nearly completely comprised of water. Obviously it can be seen why even a 2% drop in water in your body leads to dehydration and makes staying hydrated so important.

What Water Does Naturally to Help Your Body

There are many things that water does naturally to help your body and save you from simple health problems. Water is as important to the human body as gasoline and oil are to a car, and aside from keeping you alive, it is responsible for other things.

The importance of water when it comes to your health is undeniable. Just as we need air, we need water to live, and with all the benefits of good, clean water, it is easy to see why it would make sense to drink as much water as possible.