Water and Beauty

Everyone is concerned with looking their best. This is why you�ll find water purifiers in many of the largest spas all over the world. Pure, clean water is a main factor in the health of your physical appearance, and especially your skin, which is always with you.

Shower Water

While it is good to shower and keep your skin clean, it�s hard to keep it moisturized in the tap water that comes out of a normal shower. Unfiltered shower water contains chlorine and other additives that can not only dry out your skin, but your hair. The solutions to this are to either take shorter showers, preferably in just warm, non-steaming water, or purchase a shower water purifier. A shower purifier removes those impurities and can help make your hair and skin softer. Just remember soft water means softer skin and hair.

Drink More Water for Detoxification

Water detoxifies your body and removes all the harsh dirt inside that can appear outside in the physical way of skin blemishes. By drinking more purified water, you can remove more toxins from your skin to keep it clear and soft. Detoxification of the skin also leads to less dark circles under your eyes and less coloration of your skin in odd places on your face. Just as much as drinking water helps your skin from the inside out, cleaning your skin with pure water works to clean your pores from the outside in.


Aside from using bottled water on your skin, there are a few alternatives to help you get clean water inside and on your body for physical appearance health. While it might seem tempting to go to a spa as much as possible, economically it isn�t a possibility for most people. At home, you can install a home wide water purification system, or just a shower one. Bottled water companies like Evian are creating products like facial sprays made of purified water for people in dry atmospheres like air conditioned offices and out on the beach. All of these are excellent ways to get the water your skin needs.

Water is obviously important to healthy skin, whether you get it by drinking water or showering. Water is also important to overall physical appearance, including soft shiny hair and glowing skin. If you are getting filtered water, drink your 8 eight ounce glasses a day, and you�ll find that your skin and appearance will certainly improve.