Ocean Water Desalination

Ocean water covers 71% of our planet and a significant percentage of humans all over the world live within 30 miles of an ocean. That factor coupled with rising global populations makes ocean water desalination an increasingly necessary measure to provide clean water for our daily living. In arid areas such as the Middle East, desalination has been the only option for providing water for human consumption and irrigation. Saudi Arabia derives 70% of its potable water from desalination plants near the ocean, and other countries around the world are looking to ocean water desalination to meet their water needs for the future.

How does Ocean Water Desalination Work?

There are two methods that are used to desalinize water in large quantities:

Ocean Water Desalination Problems

There are several problems that arise from ocean water desalination which, until recent years, have confined most of the desalination plants to the most arid regions of the earth.


Due to dwindling freshwater sources and increasing population density, we can expect desalination plants to appear on the coasts of our continents in even greater numbers to meet the future demands for clean drinking water. But unless new technologies allow ocean water to be desalinated without such a devastating impact on our environment, the costs will be much greater than any currency can measure.